Seven Milestones For a Better Life


This book is titled ‘Seven Milestones for a Better Life’.It is designed to be Your Self-Help Guide to Improving your life with Maxims, Quotations and Guidance of noted ancient Greek thinkers of the Pre-Classical Age.

It contains a set of over 330 wisdom pieces (maxims, quotations, sayings and short stories) of pre-classical ancient Greece (c. 800–c. 500 BC) that inspire you to improve and enrich all aspects of your life. It includes:

  1. Maxims: The maxims of the oracle of Delphi, inscribed in marble and travelling the world as the first written educational and moral text,

  2. Quotations: The quotations of the Seven Sages of ancient Greece (Thales, Pittacos, Bias, Solon, Cleovoulos, Periandros, and Chilon), who set the background for the development of Western philosophy by Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Epicurus, and others,

  3. Sayings: The sayings and short stories of Aesop (world’s most famous story-teller), Heraclitus (one of the greatest pre-classical philosophers), Hesiod (world’s first agrarian economist and a great poet), Homer (world’s greatest epic poet) and Pythagoras (philosopher, mathematician and best-known for his Pythagorean Theorem).

  4. Rules: 39 rules for improving specific aspects of your life, like: connecting to the Supreme Being, governance, wealth management, friendship, etc., and

  5. Action Plan: An action plan with ten ‘golden actions’ incorporating all ideas on improving the individual aspects of your life contained in the specific chapters into an integrated whole for supporting, enhancing and enriching your whole life, in terms of your spiritual, emotional, mental and social health and fitness.


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